Praxis Magazine is calling for submissions from Artists and Writers all over the world. Categories open for submissions are:
  1. Poetry,
  2. Essays on Arts and/or Literature,
  3. Podcast recordings of Spoken Word poetry or Interviews with Artists or Writers, and,
  4. Stories/Poems/Essays written in indigenous African languages (accompanied with English translation).

Praxis Magazine is a platform for artists and writers to commune, debate, and progress their craft respectively. We cover literary events across Africa, give voice to emerging writers and artists, and even promote literature in indigenous languages, e.g. Naija Languej. We are equally interested in promoting the podcast culture in Africa which is why we have a podcast feature on our website that is dedicated to Interviews/Discussions on matters concerning Arts and Literature in Africa as well as Spoken Word poetry. We also publish reviews of Books and Films. Articles on any form of art, or introducing any particular artists, are welcome.
1 – All contributions should be original works of Contributors.
2 – Contributors should indicate their names, followed by a biography of not more than 150 words, at the bottom of their submission(s).
3 – Contributors should state where they are writing from (e.g. Lagos or New York)
4 – Contributions should be sent as attachments with genres properly indicated (e.g. Name_Genre).
5 – Submissions should not have been previously published, either online or in print.
Submissions should be sent to Each contributor can send between three (3) to five (5) entries for each or every category. Submissions are welcomed from June 1st, 2015 through July 31st, 2015. For further enquiries, write to
Together we can build a rallying point for arts and literature.
Editorial Team,
Praxis Magazine for Arts and Literature.

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