Call for Submissions: Lantern Books Accepts Kids-Oriented Articles/ Poems/Stories for Digital Publications


Lantern Books is a division of Literamed Publications Nigeria Literamed, the Nigeria’s foremost children’s/ young adults’ books publisher located in Lagos (Nigeria) and Accra (Ghana).

Lantern Books accepts articles, poems, nursery rhymes, puzzles, jokes, riddles, short stories, etc. from kids, teachers, parents/ guardians to be published on our digital platform for public consumption. Our digital platforms include:



Facebook page/ group:

Facebook group:






School owners, teachers and parents/ guardians are enjoined to encourage their pupils/ kids to write short articles/ essays, poems, rhymes, etc. We are more than prepared to help fine tune their writing skills by subjecting their works to professional editing and building confidence in them by publishing the works on our digital platforms.

Submissions must be unique (we are strongly against plagiarism) and must be accompanied with the identity of the author, that is, name, age, school, class, and so on.

A student/ writer can submit as many articles as possible but each article must not be more than 600 words. Poems must not be more than 10 lines.

Teachers can write about their teaching experience and related themes while parents can share their parenting experience. However, the entries must be kid related, educative, and interesting.

All entries and enquiries should be forwarded to


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