LABAF 2015 Exhibition: Is it Smiling or Shmiling?




THEY HAVE ASKED US TO SMILE has brought together a rich force of artists to help interpret a better tomorrow in their own words, using hope and positive attitude as creative perimeters. We live in times where extremist groups have reigned supreme and grown very quickly as they terrorise the whole world supporting what they believe in.

This project looks at the strength of belief but from a positive side. What if I innocently believe that tomorrow can be better? What if I can paint a technologically inclusive Nigeria? What if I can show fairness in all my encounters? Can I picture a corruption-free Nigeria? We can radically believe in a better tomorrow, not by destroying anyone that doesn’t think or believe in the same ideology; but by showing a new day powered by love, tolerance and respect. Let’s get excited about tomorrow together!

Title: THEY…

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