“Ideas in Ink” Short Story Competition



‘Ideas in Ink’ is an initiative of The Learning Corner that aims to create a space for young Nigerian writers to express their creative writing skills, and get rewarded for it. It will host writing competitions from time to time. Competitions may be short fiction stories or poems. A theme will be provided for each contest, and entrants will be required to work with the provided theme according to the instructions provided in the guidelines.

This maiden competition requires writers to submit a short story containing the line “If My Life Were a Cartoon.”

Three winners will be picked. Each winner will get 10, 000 naira cash, and 5, 000 naira worth of books.

Receipt of entries will open on February 15, 2016 and close on March 27, 2016.

 Competition Rules

  1. Entry must be a short story. Word limit: 800 words maximum.
  2. Theme:If My Life Were A Cartoon. Theme must be included as a line within the story, but may not be the central theme of the story.
  3. Entrants may submit one entry only.
  4. Entries must be individuals own work and must not have been previously published.

How to Enter

Entries should be Microsoft word document, Font size 12 and in Times New Roman.

Entries should be attached to the mails and not typed in the body of the mail.

Title: All mails should be titled thus; If My Life Were a Cartoon: name of entrant. (eg If My Life Were a Cartoon: Deborah Adegoke)

Entrants are advised to give titles to their stories before attaching to the mail.

All entries must be submitted via email toinfo@learningcorner.org

Procedure for Screening

Receipt of entries: February 15- March 27.

Readers screen stories between April 4 and April 29

Entrants with successful stories are notified. May 2- May 6

Judges read to determine winners. May 9- May 28

Winners are announced and prizes are given. June 6- June 10

Source: learningcorner.org



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