Call for Abstracts: EFURU@50- A Celebration of Flora Nwapa, the pioneer of African Women Literature

The Flora Nwapa Foundation invites abstracts for 15 – 20 minute presentations during the National Conference to celebrate the 50th anniversary of EFURU under the theme; EFURU@50; A Celebration of Flora Nwapa the pioneer of African Women Literature. The conference will be held at Lagos, Maiduguri, Abuja, Oguta and Enugu between 29th November and 11th December 2016.

The conference is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of EFURU the book that heralded the birth of Modern African Women Literature. In so doing, the Conference will also be celebrating the pioneering work of Africa’s first published Women Author as well as the achievements, friendships, partnerships and challenges of African Women Literature this past 50 years.

The conference will be a platform for writers, scholars, literary critics and other interested parties to engage, rethink and propose possible new directions for African Women Literature, which has been defined (and undefined) by different agencies at different moments. It will also answer questions about women’s contribution to the African literature, the Diaspora’s influence on African literature, and the extent to which the same has been influenced by the current global trends.
We invite you to submit abstracts, not exceeding 200 words, on any of the sub-themes below:
i. The Dialectics and Symbolism of EFURU
ii. Flora Nwapa and Feminism in EFURU
iii. EFURU and the role of Women in National Discourse
iv. Flora Nwapa and the role of Women in African Culture
v. African Literature and the role of Women Writers
vi. Literature as a revolutionary tool for social justice, the example of EFURU
vii. Literary criticism and contemporary African Literature
viii. Women’s Literature and Inter-textuality
ix. The Interface between Writing and Feminism
x. Reconstructing Women Literature in the 21st Century
xi. Narratives of Flora Nwapa’s Novels
xii. Literary Prizes and African Women’s Writing
xiii. African Literature and Sexuality
xiv. Women, Work, Writing and the marketplace
xv. Vulnerability and Agency in Flora Nwapa’s narratives
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30th September 2016. All abstracts should be submitted electronically to:
Notification of abstract acceptance: 15 October 2016
Full paper submission deadline: 30 October 2016

Uzoma Nwakuche Wale Okediran
Chairman, Flora Nwapa Foundation Chairman NOC


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