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A Review of Silent Whispers by Joe Osi


Author            Joe Osi

Title                Silent Whispers

Country          Nigeria

Language       English

Genre               Faction (Lantern Literary series)

Published       2015 by Lantern Books (a division of Literamed Publications (Nig.) Limited)

Pages              312

ISBN               978-100-653-1

Silent Whispers is a literary critique of unquestioned beliefs in superstition rampant in Africa, particularly Nigeria the setting of the novel. Superstitious beliefs are not restricted to Africa alone, they are found in almost every culture of the world. What however borders the author is how Africans over the time have refused to subject the validity of these beliefs to empirical investigation. “One should not ask questions about some of these things, for there are mysteries and wonders surrounding the earth…” (Silent Whispers, page 8), this is the commonly held opinion on superstition in Africa. Continue reading

Call for Submissions: Lantern Books Accepts Kids-Oriented Articles/ Poems/Stories for Digital Publications


Lantern Books is a division of Literamed Publications Nigeria Literamed, the Nigeria’s foremost children’s/ young adults’ books publisher located in Lagos (Nigeria) and Accra (Ghana).

Lantern Books accepts articles, poems, nursery rhymes, puzzles, jokes, riddles, short stories, etc. from kids, teachers, parents/ guardians to be published on our digital platform for public consumption. Our digital platforms include:
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